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♚Frostfur story♚

Frostkit padded out of the cold den her paw's twisted to differnet ways. her claws griping into the solf dirt. Here cold weak paws sliped on the ice and she feel face first her jaw conbined with the cold ice hinting her back jaw stabing her tooth far into her tonge. she stood up and her paws sliped acrossed the melted ice beautyful berry amazed her her mind triggerd on the red berry latching on there sick's dangling she narrowed her head narrowing her soft eye's at the berry frostkit attempted to take a bite but a hard grip pulled her scruff up fastly her thick her rising a soft she cat layed her in a cosy hey nest in her den she layed in confurt her head losned and dropped onto the soft moss her eye's narrowed and closed. A grey and white she cat awoken her from her restless she she narrowed her head looking at frostkit she grabbed frostkit solftly by the scuff and and placed her down on the meddow grass surrounding her the she cat spoken "Good morring young kit your 5 moons old time to because a apprentice." The kit narrowed her eyes at the queen she narrowed hers back "well your lucky I saved you from thoes death berry yesterday" the kit respounded haply "Whats a apprentice mommy" the queen lifted her paw and softly licked it "a apprentice is when your in training to become a strong warrior" the kit sparkiling eye's deemed "When is my gathering" the queen repliyed now follow me young one she grabed frostkit by her soft scuff placing under the hight rock. "Who is my papa" she she asked "Oh I though you would not asked your papa was elite he died saving the clan from intruder's." "Oh" the kit dropped her muzzle sadly as the leader begined "Today we are gatherd her today to make are three newest kit's into apprentices" Frostkit glared happy then she every way her mom was looking at leader narrowing her eye's. "The first kit frostkit will now be frostpaw" noices surrounded frostkit "FROSTPAW FROST PAW" she looked around proudly the leader started to speak loudly "The next kit will be dustkit" the drown kit rised his muzzle aiming it at the leader proudly every one said "Dustpaw dustpaw" "The next kit will be moonkit" moonkit lowed hsi muzzle and bowed at moonstar she nodded her head. "You may all leave now"                                                                                                                                  






~Oakheart~ 79%

~Cedarfall~ 98%

~Featherpaw~ 23%

~Blackpaw~ 8%



♚Likes & Dislikes♚

Frostfur likes~ snow~ water~ rain~ hunting~kit~mate's~good~nice

Frostfur dislikes ~ war~drama~death~rude~fear~bad

♚Theme Song♚

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know







~drama~ 79%

~Battles~ 89%

~snow~ 99%


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