Fallingclans History

This is the story of Fallingclan and how it survived. Many cats thought that the leader Bluestar, the deputy Darkskies, and the co-deputy Frostfur we dead. Well they were wrong!

Darkskies had awoken after he heard the roaring of the rain pounding down on him. For a moment he lay still. He could feel the sopping wet leaves beneath him, soaking deep into his pelt. Darkskies gathered his senses; he looked at Bluestar, then at Frostfur. He glanced at Frostfur clenching her eyes shut and mumbling under her breath. To Darkskies relief she was still alive. He arose from the earth, his body fealing wet and heavy to heave around. He padded over to Bluestar with a limp.

"Hey," Bluestar mumbled.

"Bluestar, you're alive!" Darkskies exclaimed, wearily padding up to his leader. "Are you okay, Bluestar? I feel like a tree just landed on top of me" Darkskies meowed.

"I'm fine," Bluestar huffed. The she-cat rose to her pads slowly.

"Where are we?" Frostfur asked. As she looked around the forest carefully, her ears swiveled around inquisitively. Frostfur arose and sat up straight; she licked her paw and glanced around.

"I don't know, but I'm feeling quite hungry. Maybe we should go hunt?" Bluestar suggested.

"OK, are you sure you're both okay?" Darkskies asked before they left.

"We're OK." Frostfur meowed. Frostfur finished smoothing her ruffled pelt and stood.

After hunting, the three cats went off hunting and caught two mice and a squrriel.

"Alright, let's go," Bluestar said.

Darkskies rose back onto his paws from the prey, his belly full. They all padded towards camp, talking about the attack.

This is what happen to us the three leaders. We were attacked by wolves while hunting. The wolves tried to take us to there camp but a bear came and scared them off. We got lucky and stayed alive. That means Fallingclan was meant to thrive and emerge once again!