BATTLE TIP&TRICKS'''Fox:

When attacking a fox you must have another cat with you, Therefore you Both pick a side of the fox and attack. If there is a third cat with they can go onto the back of the fox, be careful, make sure you have a good grip. The goal on winning this battle is to get the for is eyes blinding it. That way all it has left to do is lay on the ground like a helpless kit. If you got harmed by the fox during this go to the Medic cat. They will have herbs that will treat your wounds. ~Wip~


This is very similar to the fox, If you have two cats with you have them both pick a side of the badger, Be quick! Try not to get bitten, therefor the Badgers bites will kill you. If you have another cat make sure there on the back of the badger, have a good grip. Try Blinding the badger, Have in on the ground like a helpless kit! ~wip~